with reason to smile (snarkydame) wrote,
with reason to smile

 It was my 1st anniversary yesterday.  Chad had to work, but i had the day off -- so I got dinner started, and picked up some cheap champagne (we were having a no-alchohol August, but hey, it's our anniversary!).  Then, just for fun, I dressed up a bit and put on some makeup -- I rarely wear it, but I wanted to feel pretty, you know?

Chad brought home some steak to finish off the dinner, and we had a lovely little anniversary.  <3  We danced -- or rather, we jumped around the apartment to disco music laughing like idiots because neither of us have any rhythm.  :D  

And then we drank champagne out on the deck, and held eachother tight and were in love.    And that's enough, really.  <3

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