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 A chilly, breezy, pale grey sort of day -- the sort of day where the colors in the flowers and trees (and there are so many flowers here, so many trees.  So many . . . flowering trees . . .) seem to seep into your eyes.  Portrait light, my old teacher used to call it.  Diffuse and beautiful.  We went down to Mukilteo Landing for some clam chowder and fish and chips, and walked along the beach again, to see it when it's not bright and sunny.  

The tide was coming in.  The waves were loud, the water choppy.  There were crab shells washed up on the rocks, and mussels, dark and shining in the sand.




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Everett! I love it!

I still haven't really had time to sit down and load some pictures (or to take a whole lot, actually) but I did get a few!

Most of the differences I've felt come from, I think, the flora - there are various kinds of evergreens EVERYWHERE. And moss. Lots and lots of moss. I love it -- everything looks so green. Also, I've only seen a handful of pigeons, and a couple of chickadees. Mostly, there are crows, and three or four different kinds of seagulls. (Chad is not fond of birds -- they kind of freak him out -- but I LOVE them. And I really like the sound sea gulls make.) ALSO I can see mountains! Not from my apartment, and not on cloudy days, of which there are many. But they're there! It's all still very novel and amazing. :D

The other day (last week? sometime a bit ago) we went to Mukilteo for some fish and chips. It's gorgeous! And nearby! I want to go back all the time. :D Basically, that's where the ferry to Whidbey Island is. Very coastal, very . . . fishing town-esque. This day, it was super foggy, and the ferries (coming and going) were blowing their horns at each other. I love the sound of fog horns.

There were a bunch of crows and seagulls and gannets? Maybe gannets. Some sort of black, long necked water birds . . .

Also, the fish was SO GOOD. SO good.
Collapse ) Anyway, photo dump over for now.  At some point I'll load up some that are filtered and cleaned up a bit, because this place is really very lovely, and deserves to be shown off a bit.  But for now, these unedited (dirty lensed) shots are what I've got!


I'm mostly off work on Fridays and Saturdays -- and I think i could get at least some time off during the rest of the week with some advanced notice.  So if you want to meet up any day that's not a Friday/Saturday let me know as soon as you can!  :D

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 So, y'all should know, I'm happily ensconced in Everett, WA, slowly making this apartment my home with my husband.  :D  It's going quite well so far!

I'll be throwing up some pictures once i have time to take some -- due to scheduling issues due to moving in halfway through a pay cycle, I'm currently in the middle of a 9 day work week -- but until then, just know that I'm alive!  And any and all of you are welcome to crash on our couch should you find yourself in Everett.  

<3 <3 <3

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 We DID get the apartment!  It's one on the second floor of what looks like a two story building -- so, balcony!  And no one stomping around overhead!  It's a one-bedroom unit, only a little smaller than the one we're in now -- which, honestly, is rather large for a one-bedroom, even by mid-western standards.  

From google street view, it looks like the balcony looks out over a sort of yard between our building and the next building in the complex, and there are lots of trees in between.  That's going to be wonderful -- I've always wanted a balcony.  I can put plants out!  And hang lights, and have a little table -- it'll need to be waterproof, but that's cool.  There may or may not be a skylight?  It looks like there is from the google street view shots, but the interior pictures I've seen don't show it.  Either way, it looks like a nice set up.  No elevator, probably, but on the second floor that's not a big deal.  We aren't taking any furniture that would make that a problem, anyway.

There's a bike trail -- the Interurban trail -- that I could take to work.  I'll need to buy a bike, but that's an exciting option.  I could also walk that -- but a 15 min bike ride would be better than a 45 minute hike.

There's a yarn store about a 6 min drive north!  That's fantastic!  I need to not go there for a while, because I'm going to be broke~!

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 So, pending finalities of background checks and move-in date negotiations, we have an apartment!

It's in Shoreside Village, not far from my job -- I can walk it in less than an hour, anyway.  The office out there is closed till Monday (and we need to talk -- move-in date that was available on the computer is sooner than we can actually be there), so I have to wait until I can be less nervous.  Buy my online application was approved, at least!  And we put a deposit down, so they'll hold the apartment for us while things get settled.  It's a start!

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Starting to pack up . . .

 I have . . . so many books.

I've gotten rid of A LOT of them over the last year or so, since we've been planning this move (at least in the abstract) ever since Chad and I got serious.  But I've been packing them up in preparation of getting rid of a few bookshelves, and dude.  So many left!  So many left that I WANT TO KEEP.

I have resolved to take just one box of books with us when we move -- we're trying to fit everything in a largish minivan, so that we don't have to rent a U-haul.  One box of my very favorite, "I'll read these within a month or two of moving", "I've gotta have these" books.  All the rest of the books that I can't bear to part with . . . will sit, in boxes, at my parents' house, until I send for them.  

My folks agreed to hold on to them, and ship them out a box or two at a time -- media mail is pretty cheap, comparatively.  I figure, a box a month after we're settled.  If the first apartment is short term, at least the next move will be within the same state.  Moving books will be simpler then.

When I discussed this with my parents, I expected to leave them 7 or 8 boxes.  I've packed 6 so far, and there will probably be at least another 6.  I'm getting to the point where I have to tell myself -- "you don't need to bring ALL your CJ Cherryh books.  Just bring a few!  you'll get the rest back soon enough!  Don't bring the Jim Butcher books!  You probably won't reread those AT LEAST until summer (but they're SIGNED my bookbrain wails).  Put the Patricia A McKillip DOWN.  ALL THE MANGA CAN WAIT.  THAT CALVIN & HOBBES SET IS TOO BIG.  And I just.  *cries*

Choosing one box's worth may be an impossible task.

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