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with reason to smile
I'll be using this journal to post my fanfiction (when I manage to write any) and whatever else I happen to think to use it for. I might make lists -- I like lists. Also diagrams, but I doubt that I'll put up any of those.

I read a lot more fanfiction than I write, because there are so many shiny things! I am easily distracted. . . but eventually, really, I'll get better at that.

Should you need to reach me, my personal contact information is in a f-locked post here.

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She IS a cool nerd, she is, she is.
Strengths: Generous and easy-going. Willing to do the dirty work. Gives the benefit of the doubt. Wide range of interests.
Weaknesses: Total lack of ambition. Hesitates to cause a confrontation. Strong tendencies towards lurkerdom. Easily distracted. Tendency to use the word "dude." Baseball manga.
Special Skills: Sees the silver lining at a thousand paces. Can find the dramatic composition in the flight of pigeons. High Queen of Procrastination.
Weapons: Eyebrow of Amused Doubt. Smirk of Well-Concealed Irritation. Rubber-band Gun.
Favorite Things: Green Apple Jolly Ranchers. The colour Red. Grey, rainy days. Fire. Black & White film. Gleeful stories.

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